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Managerial & Financial Accounting for Undergrad and Post-Grad Degree Programs

Whether it’s understanding financial statements or cost budgeting,  it doesn’t get easier with Jump Grades Education (yes, we are that confident!) 🙂

If you like, I can share with you the horror stories during my NTU days struggling with accounting. Unlike my peers, I had zero background in accounting then. Jargons like gain/loss on disposal of assets, impairment loss, partnerships, job order costing, break even analysis, relevant costs .. you name it, I’ve been there. The fear and frustration then was very real and tangible.

If only someone can make it easier. Human. 

Accounting is principles-based subject, like economics. Unlike humanities, even a colorful textbook may be of little help. Have you ever spent 20 mins trying to read a large paragraph on a particular accounting entry thinking that you understood, only to feel lost again when you flip the page?

It’s really horrid. 

“I am very grateful to have had Caleb as my Accounting tutor! Prior to meeting him, I continuously struggled with accounting until I met Caleb who translated the subject into a language that I was able to understand.. at the same time, he managed to make it interesting by using examples to help me better grasp the principles behind Accounting.”

                                  Mark Nichols, University of Nottingham Undergraduate 2012

We’ve been very happy with the results we’ve seen from the customised coaching catered for the client’s specific needs. No – you don’t have to commit incredulous hours to us. Get off coaching once your mind clicks and run with it.

So for the last 5 years, we’ve enlightened and enthuse students from:

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National Univeristy of Singapore (NUS),  Singapore Management University (SMU), RMIT, Uni SIM, University of London,  MDIS,  University of Southeren Australia, East Asia Institute of Management, James Cook University, University of Newcastle, University of Notthingham, University of New South Wales and Monash University.

“I am glad I’ve found Caleb to help me with my fundamentals in accounting. He is a very patient tutor who is willing to go the extra mile to help students. In addition… each lesson is carefully planned according to the student’s progress to achieve maximum results. Thank you for making accounting so enjoyable!” 

Jessica, University of Western Australia 2011

Our Tools

We have powerful, rapid revision notes with supplementary exercises for the following topics:


– Accounting Elements

– Double Entry ( Journals & Ledgers)

– Bank Reconciliation

– Trial Balance

– Comprehensive Income Statement

– Balance Sheet

– Balance Day Adjustments ( Prepayment & Accrual)

– Depreciation, Accumulated Depreciation and Disposal of Assets

– Bad Debts & Impairment Loss

– Partnership Accounts

– Accounting for Inventories

– Cashflow Statements and Analysis of Working Capital



– Managerial Accounting & Cost Concepts

– Systems Design: Job Order Costing

– Activity Based Costing (ABC)

– Systems Design: Process Costing

– Cost Behavior: Analysis and Use

– Cost- Volume – Profit (CVP) Relationships

– Profit Planning

– Flexible Budgets and Performance Analysis

– Standard Costs and Variance

– Absorption and Variable Costings

– Segment Reporting, Decentralisation and the Balanced Scorecard

– Relevant Costs for Decision Making

– Capital Budgeting Decisions (Cashflow, Time Value of Money)


For anything more sophisticated and nerve-wrenching, call us immediately. Depending on the level of complexity  we get the appropriate subject matter specialist to assist you – be it auditors, CFAs, CPAs, financial controllers, tax specialists, cross-border practitioners or very experienced accountants. You will be surprised at how many of them are passionate about sharing their professional experience.


Fee Structure

Rates defer depending on proximity, tutor’s experience, group size and other variable factors. Feel free to write in or call. ;)


Mobile: 9233 7246.
Enquiries (no obligations) welcome
Email: caleb [at]

Apologies in advance if I missed your call as I’m likely to be engaged in tuition at the time. Please feel free to use the contact form below. It reaches my personal email swiftly:

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headerJump Grades rebels against boring, dry, sleep-inducing accounting coaching. We offer students – both young and working adults, customised coaching for POA  – filtered to layman terms which clients say brings clarity and incredible, measurable results.