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Lim holds a master degree from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of United Kingdom and a member of Chartered Accountant of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. During his A’ Level and undergraduate days, he demystified many accounting concepts for his baffled classmates.

“The first lesson with Mr. Lim changed my whole perspective and attitude towards accounting.  This was the subject I could never gather much interest, hence being one of my worst subject.  However, his teaching was remarkably easy to understand and in such a way that I was able to attain the surprising good result…” – Ashley

Lim has vast experience with accounting, having served as an accountant in the private sector and garnered 9 years of experience training students from both mainstream and private schools. Lim derives a great sense of satisfaction whenever his students excel in their examinations. He aspires to be a great lecturer and sees this as his way of giving back to society.

Lim believes that in being caring, patient, well-liked and well-trusted by students and parents will facilitate students’ learning and progress. With a good strategy taught to students step-by-step, students will perform in the exams.

Who is for?

  • An SME boss with at least 250 business transactions a month should send at least one of their admin staff for this program to help ease the accounting workload for your thriving business.
  • Soloprenuers/Freelancers who want to familiarise themselves with basic bookkeeping and accounting. Cashflow is the life blood of any business. Understand how it works and manage business finances to your advantage.
  • Start-up founders who are answerable to investors and shareholders. Understand the difference between revenue, profits and cashflow.
  • Admin staff who are keen to upgrade your skills to constantly add value to your organisation and employers
  • Students who have recently taken the N/O/A Level Principles of Accounting or have done a Diploma in Poly and took up accounting. The LCCI certification that is commercially valuable.

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  • If you are keen to work in areas of business that will involve the recording of financial transactions, this is for you. All businesses require accurate accounting records that are maintained on a regular basis. Consequently, there is a demand for employees who possess these skills.

Successful candidates can progress to the LCCI IQ Level 2 Certificate in Book-keeping and Accounts qualification.

Syllabus Topics

  1. The Accounting Equation and the basis of double-entry book-keeping
  2. Recording transactions through double-entry
  3. Balancing accounts
  4. Purchases/Sales/Returns
  5. The Ledger:  Its sub-division Day Books
  6. Bank facilities/methods of payment or receipt of money
  7. Cash Book and Cash Discount
  8. Bank Reconciliation
  9. Petty Cash Book and the Imprest System
  10. Trial Balance
  11. Adjusting for Accruals and Prepayments in the Final Accounts
  12. Depreciation of Fixed Assets
  13. The Entries relating to Bad Debts
  14. The Journal
  15. Capital and Revenue Expenditure
  16. Errors in the Accounts and their Correction
  17. Effect of Profit  (or Loss) and Drawings upon Capital
  18. Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts
  19. The Balance Sheet
  20. Control Accounts – an introduction


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