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https://cl.ly/200B0t2s2W1nUnlike errors made in school homework, bookkeepers cannot undo errors using correction tape. Whenever errors in recording transactions occurs, bookkeepers will use correcting double entries to make right the errors.   ERRORS REVEALED BY TRIAL BALANCE The trial balance is designed to detect the following types of errors: 1) Omission of ither the debit or …


2016 GCE N Level 7088 Suggested Solutions Are Out!

Phew! It’s over.  On Paper 1 day last Friday, we tackled multiple topics + theory just the night before exams. Here’s the result: The Suggested Solutions Here’s the draft/suggested/imperfect solutions for Paper 1 and 2. Paper 1: 7088-2016-n-level-suggested-solutions-paper-1-v1-2 Paper 2: 7088-2016-gce-n-level-paper-2-suggested-solutions-v1-4 Feel free to comment or reply with your feedback and suggestions!

[Video] Difference Between Bookkeeping And Accounting

Difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting.mp4     Accounting Bookkeeping Accounting is the process of recording, summarising, reporting, analysing and interpretation of financial information. Book-keeping is part of the accounting process. It involves the process of recording accounting data according to set rules.  Role of accounting is to communicate financial information for decision-making purposes.  Role of …

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2014 7092 GCE O Levels POA Suggested Solutions for Paper 2 (Only)

No greater delight is there as a POA tutor to have used super eye-power to spot questions in the last two days for his beloved students!   Unlike before, the crash course this year has been shorten from 18 hours (3 miserable days) last year to a mere 8 hours over 2 days with battle-weary-grouchy-always-hungry-panda-eyes-16-yr-olds. …

2014 7092 GCE O Levels POA Suggested Solutions for Paper 2 (Only) Read More »

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