2019 7175 GCE O Level Principles of Accounts Paper 1


Congrats on finishing the 2019 GCE O Level Principles of Accounts Paper 1!
Every year, with the help of some of my students, I’ll put up the Paper 2 solutions within hours after the paper.

For Paper 1, the paper itself is submitted for marking – which leaves me with no reference to prepare a suggested solution unless I happen to receive the papers from my students from who-knows-which-source.

This year, I’m testing a crowd source solution and you get to watch it LIVE as the answers are being constructed.
Once it’s done, I’ll tidy up and put it into a PDF form. I welcome you to join me in the comments below if you notice some things need to be edited.


2019 Last POA Lesson Predictions:

Spotting questions for my O level POA tuition students over the weekend:

To view PDF, click on the cover page and navigate via the little arrow at the bottom left hand corner.


If you are looking for Paper 2 answers, here’s mine from last friday:

Study hard for the rest of the papers!
Congrats if you finished all your papers already!!

My best,

P.S: If you can’t view the above PDF on your mobile, click on this link.

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