2015 7175 GCE O Level POA Suggested Solutions is out!


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Weekend proved to be an exciting one for all of us at Caleb’s 2015 POA Crash Course at YMCA Room 206.
Challenging as it is to spot questions in the debut exams from the new syllabus, we did our best and covered most of what we thought will come out for this year’s exams. We cheekily call it, ‘Caleb’s Crystal Ball.’ XD
That said, here’s the suggested solutions for today’s paper:
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Caleb Ho
The POA Tutor

P.S: If you have Sec 2 or 3 friends who need POA foundational classes, please let me know. Classes start from 9 Nov 2015.

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  1. For Qn4C, why did you have to minus the trade receivables that paid up? Hasn’t the trade receivables accounts be updated already for 2015?

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