2011 N Level Results Out!

The results of 2011 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE) Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) Level Examinations are out!


Received great news from all my students. U-graders passed and the best went from F9 to B3 (taught him over 5 months). Did some screen shots of the smses. Rewards from tutoring comes in many ways – this being the greatest! Can’t wait to see what comes from the O’ – Levelers!

“Thanks Caleb, Bryan got 1 for POA. Because of your effort, he managed to top the school. Thanks πŸ™‚ “ – Annie, Bryan’s mom. St Patrick’s School

“F9 to B3 is a big jump. I’m happy!” – Rigzin

“Hello teacher, grade1 for POA :)” – Sheri



“… and I didn’t expect to pass my POA! Hahah thank you caleb for the time you spent on me, helping me on my POA πŸ™‚ see you next time! “ – Joseph Kim, my Korean student from Assumption English School.

A little note on Joseph – Joseph struggled to understand accounting concepts in school and even during my lessons as his command of English was not strong. It was over 4.5 months we worked together on his understanding of the subject. Unlike my student from HangzhouΒ  in 2010 who scored a C5 from Ungraded in 2.5 months, I was not able to teach in his native language (Korean). I’m so proud of Joseph Kim.


Congratulations to all my N-Levelers and all you guys who worked hard for this N levels.

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