2011 GCE N’ Level Principles of Accounts (POA) Paper 2 Suggested Solutions!

The GCE N’ Levels Principles of Accounts was over yesterday!

Good news for our friends who are not taking O Level Emaths & D&T – happy holidays!
It was an intensive weekend for my students and I as we racked our brains over the POA crash course from Friday to Sunday.

We identified several questions that came out during yesterday’s paper, including:
1. Source documents
2. Capital & Current Accounts
3. Different treatment for carriages
4. Cash book
5. Partnerships
6. Methods of depreciation and its appropriateness for various assets.

Well, I could go on, except that I’m still in the midst of getting the Paper 1 for analysis/autopsy. 🙂

So, the BIG question is, was the Profit and Loss a Net Profit or Loss in Paper 2?

Check out what most of my students got:

2011 GCE N’ Level Principles Of Accounts Paper 2 Suggested Solutions


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4 thoughts on “2011 GCE N’ Level Principles of Accounts (POA) Paper 2 Suggested Solutions!”

  1. Hi Caleb, was looking through yr answers and was wondering if you have got Qn 3eii) correct. By taking up a bank loan, you would have decrease the bank overdraft since it was paid to bank directly

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your input!
    Yes, you are right. Big oversight on my part. Hope you got that right for the exams. 🙂

  3. Hi Caleb, I am a tutor as well. Did the paper and found mine different from yours. Actually, there is a slight mistake in your NP and balance sheet. Shld be NP of 100 and your assets in balance sheet currently do not sum up to amount as shown in the bottom. You may wish to adjust your figures. Thjanks.

  4. Ermm, Hi, Caleb! I’m an O level student taking POA. Now that the POA exam has finished, is it possible for you to post the 2011 O level POA suggested answers? I’m keen to looking forward for your reply!

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