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Difference Between Bank Loan and Bank Overdraft

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Bank loan

Refers to capital borrowed from the bank. This tends to be more expensive than an overdraft. The difference between a bank loan and a bank overdraft is that a loan is granted for a specific period (say, two years), usually at a set rate of interest (that is, it doesn’t vary when bank base rates vary). A bank loan is shown on the balance sheet as a long-term liability.

Interest on the loan is recorded as an expense on the Profit and Loss Account. Any capital repayments will reduce the long-term liability on the balance sheet. Short term borrowing to help fund a temporary shortage of funds is more likely to involve a bank overdraft.

Bank overdraft

For the business, a bank overdraft is essentially short term borrowing, intended to tide the business over temporarily. Very often, the overdraft is not for a specific amount of money, but the business is given a maximum level of cash it may draw against the overdraft. A business should arrange overdraft facilities to ensure that the bank will honor cheques even though there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the value of cheques drawn.

The overdraft is repayable on demand, although it is usual to agree with the bank the period for which the overdraft is required. It has the advantage that interest accrues from day to day only on the balance outstanding and it follows the flat rate of interest. A bank overdraft is shown on the balance sheet as a short-term liability.

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Accountants In Love



I’m feeling lonely, I know you are too
‘Cause every time that we’re apart my love it accrues
And it’s so taxin’ when you’re not around
I can’t defer my feelings, girl, I get so down

I can’t stop thinkin’ ’bout you, girl I’ve tried
But my opinion of you is unqualified
I like the way you make your assets move
You make me want to crunch some numbers with you

Accountants in love (love)
Accountants in love (love)

Now I’m side steppin’ so I’ll get to the point
If my name was Touche you would be my Deloitte
And I think that you really should know
How bad I, want to check your internal controls

Accountants in love (love) X 3

Girl I hate to be cliche
But you’re the one that I’ve been dreaming of
I could sit here and itemize
All the reasons that I fell in love.

Accountants in love (love) X 3

Who uses forensic accountants?

Forensic accounting financial investigative specialists work with financial information for the purpose of conveying complicated issues in a manner that others can easily understand.   While some forensic accountants and forensic accounting specialists are engaged in the public practice of forensic examination, others work in private industry for such entities as banks and insurance companies or governmental entities such as sheriff and police departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
The occupational fraud committed by employees usually involves the theft of assets.  Embezzlement has been the most often committed fraud for the last 30 years.  Employees may be involved in kickback schemes, identity theft, or conversion of corporate assets for personal use.  The forensic accountant couples observation of the suspected employees with physical examination of assets, invigilation, inspection of documents, and interviews of those involved.  Experience on these types of engagements enables the forensic accountant to offer suggestions as to internal controls that owners could implement to reduce the likelihood of fraud.
At times, the forensic accountant may be hired by attorneys to investigate the financial trail of persons suspected of engaging in criminal activity.  Information provided by the forensic accountant may be the most effective way of obtaining convictions.  The forensic accountant may also be engaged by bankruptcy court when submitted financial information is suspect or if employees (including managers) are suspected of taking assets.
Opportunities for qualified forensic accounting professionals abound in private companies.  CEOs must now certify that their financial statements are faithful representations of the financial position and results of operations of their companies and rely more heavily on internal controls to detect any misstatement that would otherwise be contained in these financials.
In addition to these activities, forensic accountants may be asked to determine the amount of the loss sustained by victims, testify in court as an expert witness and assist in the preparation of visual aids and written summaries for use in court.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? – The Accountant Song

Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Accountant Songs
DREW: Welcome back to “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, the show where everything
is made up and the points don’t matter. Uh, I don’t know how many points to
award because during the commercial I was taking off my pants. (Dances in
his seat. Colin gives him the thumbs-up.) That’s right. OK, now we go on to
a game called “Greatest Hits”. This is for Colin, Ryan, and Wayne, with the
help of Laura Hall on the keyboards. Laura Hall. We just found her outside
before the show. Can you believe it? Uh, Colin and Ryan are, uh, TV
voice-over people, and you’re gonna be talking about the latest compilation
album, and Wayne, you’re gonna sing snippets of the songs. What we need from
the audience is the, uh, a kind of profession you wouldn’t normally sing
songs about… Uh… Okay, I heard a lot of… I heard a lot of
“accounting”. Don’t know how you’re gonna do it, but good luck. Uh, the name
of your album is “Songs of Accounting”.
RYAN: Hi! Sorry to interrupt. We’ll be back to the 24-hour Drew Carey
Network in just a moment. But first we’ve got a special offer for you.
COLIN: You know, many people thing accountants are boring.
RYAN: Isn’t it?
COLIN: They are!
(Ryan realizes his mistake.)
COLIN: But out of great boredom comes great songs, and we’ve come up with a
twenty-five-thousand-hour CD filled with songs of accounting!
RYAN: That’s right, we have, Colin. Many different songs. Who for – could
forget that disco favorite, “D-I-V-O-R-C-E I-R-S”?
(Disco music plays. Wayne “spells” out the letters, a la “YMCA”.)
WAYNE: Get out! Get out!
Listen to me, here’s a fact you will believe!
You cheated on me, now I want your ass to leave!
That’s right, none of this is funny!
Just pack your bags, and give me all your money!
I said, D-I-V-O-R-C-E I-R-Ssss, yeah,
I said, D-I-V-O-R-C-E I-R-Ssss!
(Strikes Travolta pose, then blows on fingers like they’re smoking guns)
RYAN: For me, that brings back memories of big pants and shoes with fish in
the heels.
COLIN: Enough about yesterday! Every song a hit, every hit a smack! But you
know what? I even have a song on this album! Remember that?
RYAN: You do not!
COLIN: But we don’t have time to listen to it! What we do have time to
listen to is that great song from the swing era, “Your Love has Bankrupted
(swing music plays. Wayne starts snapping his fingers)
WAYNE: Because I would bet seven,
Hoping that your love would take me all the way to Heaven.
But I guess when you gamble you’ve got no luck.
Your love has left me bankrupt.
Oh, chap-ter eleven’s of the hot what I got it’s hot,
Chap-ter eleven’s of the hot what I got.
Oh, you got you, I got me, ain’t got nobody, see,
‘Cause chapter eleven’s what I am.
Because your love has left me bankrupt!
Why dontcha get out of here? Oh yeah!
DREW: (applauding) Man!
RYAN: Hey, Colin!
COLIN: Yes, Ryan?
RYAN: How much would you pay for a 2-CD set like this?
COLIN: Oh, I don’t know… 39 dollars?
RYAN: Uh… Unfortunately, it’s $69.95!
COLIN: But, I was talking 39 dollars in a foreign currency which doesn’t…
RYAN & COLIN: Add up to more than that!
RYAN: All because the hits keep on coming! Who could ever forget that early
Rock and Roll favorite, “Deduct This”?
(Rock N’ Roll piano music. Wayne imitates Little Richard, mimes playing a
WAYNE: Whoo!
Here’s something I know you see!
You better better save all your receipts!
Because you better save ’em,
Because you’ll do the best! Whoo!
Because if you don’t, you save your receipts,
An act they can’t deduct, you better believe me!
Because, IRS, deduct this! Whooo!
Deduct! You’re screwed! Don’t save ’em, now you’re sued!
Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, oh yeah! Whoo!
Baby, you better deduct this! Whooo-ooo!

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Oh don’t we all love accounting? That’s why we come to school!

"…We all love accounting – it’s the reason we come to school,
Dear old accounting, there’s nothing else quite as cool! "

Event: CPA S’pore Powwow: The Shifting Power Balance: Is Gender the Issue?

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore presents:

CPA S’pore Powwow: The Shifting Power Balance: Is Gender the Issue?


CPA Singapore Powwow









Despite global support for the fundamental rights of women and men to participate equally in decision-making, women are still poorly represented at the higher levels of decision-making in both public and private sectors. The 21st century corporate world needs to recognise that the optimisation of women’s talents will boost business performance. 

The topic will focus on the economic importance of women – how they are becoming central to labour market solutions to the challenges of an ageing workforce, falling birth rates and skill shortages. And what can be done for women to fulfill their potential. 

The forum brings together a panel of distinguished leaders to exchange views on the topic and share their ideas with the business community. 

Guest-of-honour and Panelist: 

Mrs Lim Hwee Hua 
Minister, Prime Minister’s Office 
Second Minister for Finance and Transport


Mr Gerard Ee 
Vice-President, ICPAS 
Chairman of National Kidney Foundation

Mr Declan O’Sullivan 
Kerry Consulting Pte Ltd

Ms Saw Phaik Hwa 
President & Chief Executive Officer 
SMRT Corporation Ltd


Ms Melissa Hyak 
Channel NewsAsia

Registration is now open. Please visit the ICPAS website for further details!