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Our Master POA Tuition Class will transform your exasperation to confidence.

POA Tuition in ActionCaleb Ho is a Principles of Accounts tutor and graduated with an accounting degree from Nanyang Business School.

He holds a record of 10 years private tutoring experience along with a trail of students scoring A1 -B4 in this subject.
While he doesn’t promise miracle pills for last minute cries for help, students’ grades were known to jump from F9 to B4 within a span of 3 months using Jump Grades’ system of exclusive, concise notes, motivation and precision exam strategies for revision.
Our POA MasterClasses are here to help you to catch up with your basics! New Classes starts from the week beginning  26 November 2018! Call NOW to enquire!

At first, when I took POA, I hated it because it was so tedious.
My friends introduced me to this POA tuition, Caleb has helped me ALOT!! From an E8 to an A2…. HE’S ONE HELL OF A TUTOR.

Best part about him is, if you improve in POA and meet his expectations, he’ll treat you to mouth watering Cereal Prawns 🙂 THANKS SIR!!

– Rishi, St Patricks Secondary School

When I was first introduced to POA, I knew nuts about it.  I had never pass my POA in my life. Caleb has brought my scores from D7 to an A2.
Caleb is a fun and an enjoyable teacher.He has a sense of humour unlike any other teacher:D Thank you sir for all your teachings.

– Shaun, St. Patricks Secondary School

POA initially was my only passing subject. However it has never been higher than a C6. All thanks to the amazing Caleb it has risen to a A2 in my prelims. Caleb’s great jokes always manage to make everyone laugh a lot. All in all, best tuition teacher.

-Wong Han Sheng, Guang Yang Secondary School, 2015

The POA Syllabus Changed and I’m struggling…

The truth is, if you are taking POA for the first time in Sec 3, the subject is entirely new to you.

You shouldn’t be or need to differentiate the old and ‘new syllabus.’

The ‘new’ terms will be, guess what, new to you regardless the syllabus.

The problem with the so-called ‘new syllabus’ is an over-hyped one.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Accounting is a principles-based subject and taught rightly, mastery is easy and the number skills last a life-time.

Before I met Caleb, he was still single, but now he’s attached! Okay jokes aside, before I met Caleb, my grade for POA was a F9, but after a few of Caleb’s lessons, I jumped to an A1! Caleb has made normal, boring and sad POA lessons into unique, fun and happy POA lessons! He really has a unique way to catch a student’s attention for one whole lesson! Woohoo

Alicia Wong, St. Anthony’s Colossian Secondary School, 2015

When I first started, I had a F9, after that I’ve been able to understand POA better and in a different way. Lessons are fun & so is Caleb. I balanced my balance sheet for the first time this year.

-Ariyana, Greendale Secondary School, 2015

Mr Caleb was awesome! My first POA result was B4. With half a year with him, I jumped to A2 and have been consistent throughout the whole sec 4! He’s the best. Ps. Still waiting for a treat at ‘the Manhattan fish market’ or ‘Seoul garden’ !

-Mohammand Redowan, Yuan Ching Secondary School


The ledgers used in the Principles of Accounts (subject code: 7175) syllabus reflects the changes with the times. Now, accounting is done via software and the T-accounts that were used previously has to be replaced with the columnar format to reflect these realities (which by the way, is at least 10 years late – the NTU curriculum I took as an undergrad back in 2005 has already been updated then). Parents and older siblings who have done POA prior to the new syllabus can attest to this.

The problem with this ‘new syllabus’ only lies with some teachers who are accustomed to the old syllabus and are unfamiliar with the new terms or explain the concepts in a way relatable to school students.

I’ve spent the entire 2014-15 with over 80 students from more than 25 different schools mulling over each topic and gleaning over at least 3 approaches to explain every single topic in this ‘new syllabus’.

Thanks to your seniors, multiple school practice papers with worked solutions and step-by-step approach are now available to tackle the ‘new syllabus*’ head-on.  

In the last two years since the syllabus changed, I’ve scoured more than 2,500+ pages of content – 130+ different POA tests, CA/SA exams and preliminary papers with my students. I dived deep into teachers’ resources (yes, I have connections) and spoke with over 35 Singapore accounting lecturers and tutors to get their feedback on the best approaches to mastering principles of accounts.

Master Principles of Accounts Study Guide

Our rock solid, two-year student-tested study guide is out in Popular Bookstore (look out for Master Principles of Accounts by Caleb Ho and Ravpreet Kaur) to replace the previous syllabus’ popular, sold-out study guide.

Caleb’s students will, of course, get the study guide gratis.

So chill. You are in good hands with me 🙂

Why Small Group Tuition with Caleb?

Accounting is a principles-based subject and requires the right application of concepts.
During our regular sessions, students will learn the foundation of debits and credits together and each bring up questions that others may not have thought about.
If you are an accountant-parent or have taken POA before in school, you know that the biggest challenge in studying POA is practicing the questions without guidance.
In practicing exam papers, EVEN if your answer tallies with the answer key, you may not understand what is going on and you are not sure if you can apply the correct understanding during exam conditions.
That’s where group lessons become invaluable to help students master principles of accounts quickly.


Caleb has been a very helpful teacher who never fail to offer his helping hand to improve on my weaknesses and to answer my enquires. Thank you for guiding me through my journey in POA for more than a year and I am upmost grateful for it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Because of you I improved from F9-A1, I owe that to you! You got me fatter by pampering us with so much food HAHA! Thanks for the memories created and the laughter shared. You make an amazing teacher. (hug)vvv

-Daphnn Tan, Unity Secondary School, 2015

When I first started having Caleb as my POA tutor, I was getting F9 for all tests. Caleb brought my F9 to an A2 or A1, which was grades I would not expect myself to achieve back then. Caleb always makes the lesson interesting and get our attention on the lesson! He keeps the concepts easy and simple to understand, and it has been a convenience to our practices. Thank you for teaching me and your guidance!

-Ong Ting Chong, Manjuri Secondary School

Towards major exams, probing questions are asked to stress-test the students’ understanding. The differing views on applying accounting concepts often result in meaningful debate and discussion, enhancing learning and stickiness. Key shortcuts for tough topics to ensure high performance in the exams will also be emphasized.
But really, learning POA together in a group is more fun.
More fun = Better results.
Our POA MasterClasses are here to help you to catch up in the final lap! New classes starts from the week beginning 26 November 2018! Call NOW to enquire! 

Lesson Format

Once/ Twice a week depending on proximity to national exams, tutor’s availability and student’s competency.
Customised lessons are available for students who want to complete the syllabus within a limited timeframe.
Class Size
Students can choose between one-to-one or in groups. Group classes begins at 3 and is capped at 8 per class for optimal attention and learning.

1-1 Home Tuition

We understand that in some circumstances, your child may require 1-1 home tuition. This can be arranged, subject to mutual availability. Please call to check. 🙂

Caleb knows how to diversify his time on the most important topics in the shortest time. My knowledge of Principle of Accounts was literally zero before I started this course. He sets a high expectation for my classmates and I to achieve our goals.

I really enjoyed the lessons and outings we had 🙂 Who can make such a dry and dreadful subject fun? It’s CALEB! 🙂 I’m really glad he was there for me!
Xavier Pang
City College


1.5 – 2hrs sessions. The duration depends largely on students’ attention span and group size. Our experience tells us that 1.5 hours is optimal. Ultimately, it is the impact and meeting learning objectives of each lesson that matters. Closer to exams, more time will be given to students for practice and to clear their doubts. No extra charge for that. 🙂


A. Small Groups

Small-classes are conducted throughout the week. The class size (average 4-6) is designed for maximum impact. Currently, classes are available at the following locations:
EAST Bedok Central (right behind Bedok Point)
WEST Jurong East Central (right beside JCube)
NORTHEAST Kovan City (right beside Heartland Mall)
NORTH Woodlands Ave 1 (taught by Caleb’s partner tutor)
*we only release the exact location to confirmed students to avoid unsolicited visits and to protect the tranquillity of our class sessions. Kindly refrain from performing unit-to-unit search in buildings as some parents have taking a leaf from CrimeWatch/CSI.

B. One-to-one

Student’s Home

In some situations, 1-1 home tuition may be required.

This arrangement is available for students by qualified POA tutors who stays near you if Caleb’s teaching schedule does not allow this arrangement.

These qualified POA tutors are personally screened by Caleb for their track record, experience and passion to ensure that they provide quality help for your child.
Each student taught by Caleb’s partner will also be supported with additional resources including a 150-page study guide and 2 additional practice papers which Caleb’s small group students enjoy.
However, 1-1 students with Caleb’s partners will not be able to enjoy the additional summary notes, weekly worksheets, done-for-you mindmaps and unlimited whatsapp access to Caleb.
Certified copies of the tutor’s credentials can be emailed to you on request.
Sec 3s- Welcome to the new subject. DO NOT for once think you can thrive in the subject by memorizing formats and ledgers. Master Principles of Accounts by understanding the basics. Help is here if you need it. Enroll your child to start the basics right beginning the week beginning 8 Sept 2018 and start thriving in 6 lessons! 🙂 

Having Caleb as my teacher has made me seen Principles of Accounts in a more different view rather than just drawing of T-accounts or the memorizing of formats and concepts.

I understood that there is a logic behind everything and it’s just in our daily life that we do not notice it. He tries to keep things and concept simple for better understanding. Therefore, through his patience and close guidance, my grades soared. Thank you for your guidance!
Yu Min
Manjusri Secondary School

Caleb is a very good teacher who can teach well as compared to teachers in school did. He brought my grade to a B4 (from E8) during my prelims. His lessons are filled with fun and joy which makes the lesson enjoyable. I am blessed to a meet a teacher like him.

Cheah Zheng Hong
Hong Kah Secondary School

Course Structure

Students who are weak with the foundations of double entries will need to sit through 2 lessons of foundation classes before joining existing classes.

Fee Structure

Rates defer depending on travelling time, proximity to national exams and other variable factors.

Contact Me

Call to enquire!
Feel free to write in or call. I won’t bite. 😉
Mobile: 9233 7246.
Enquiries (no obligations) welcome
Email: thepoatutor@gmail.com or
caleb [at] principlesofaccounts.com.sg


Please accept my apologies if I miss your call as I’m likely to be engaged in tuition at the time.

I’ll return your call the soonest possible

(weekend enquiries may take longer response time as it’s my busy period)

Please feel free to use the contact form below. It reaches my personal email swiftly:

Master Principles of Accounts LogoJump Grades rebels against boring, dry, sleep-inducing accounting coaching. We offer students – both young and working adults, customised coaching for POA  – filtered to layman terms which clients say brings clarity and incredible, measurable results.

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