A Levels Principles of Accounts (POA) Tuition

Specifically for Students Taking GCE A Level H2 Principles of Accounts

One-on-One / Small Group Principles of Accounts Tuition

Khairul The A Level POA SpecialistHi! My name is Khairul, the A level POA specialist since 2012.

As a Millennial Institute Alumni who has taken H2 Accounting myself (few private tutors have) and a recent Nanyang Business School Business graduate, I perfectly understand what you are struggling through as you prepare for your A level examinations:

• You get only 3 months to develop your basics. That’s insufficient time to fortify your foundation, causing much trouble in further topics.

• No systematic approach to questions, which would cause unnecessary confusion hence loss of time and mistakes

• The balance sheet doesn’t balance or even if your accounts balance in school, you are not sure whether you can perform the same during exams.

• Inability to predict what will come out for the exams. Each new practice paper throws you off. And what you thought you understood previously now gives you much doubt.

Your grades are hanging in the air.

I Was There Once…

As a student, I was the lucky few who had O level Accounting background, so H2 Accounting was not much a hurdle to me compared to my peers. I made for myself a book of notes/formats so that I could refer and update accordingly when doing questions. It proved to be useful for revision and moments before examinations.

These notes helped me achieved an A for my GCE O + A Levels back in 2008 and 2010 respectively, not to mention that I used the same approach for my undergrad studies in Nanyang Technological University.



“WOHOOOOOO I PROMOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the help man! 63.5% for POA in promo2 from 19% in promo1….”
Md J Syahir, Millennia Institute

No More Haphazard and Confusing Approach to Tackling Exam Questions…

As a tutor, I often find that students memorise the things they needed to do, as they have yet to master the basics concepts.

With each new topic, the number of ledgers and formats to ‘memorise’ becomes significantly higher. Students who do that may start well but crash during the major year end exams when there’s too much to memorise.

How I Can Help

For students weak in their foundation, I’ll start off with a crash course on the basics before proceeding.

Also, I provide students with a book of formats as it overcomes their confusion of what they are supposed to present for questions. Unlike other subjects, accounting questions are presented in different ways but require the same, systematic approach. I drill the students to approach certain questions the same way every time to improve their odds to answer correctly – similar to how I answered as a student.

One-to-one or Small Group Arrangement

As I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Actual Science (NTU), I am only able to free up a maximum 12 slots in my weekly schedule for a 1-1 or small group tuition.

When the slots are all fully taken, I will not be able to take in any more students.

If you are in NS and/or taking A level POA as a private candidate, feel free to reach out to me. I have a systematic way to lead you to taking the A level exams within a limited period of time.

Duration of each session

2-3 hrs each session. The actual duration depends largely on attention span and proximity to exams.

My experience tells me 2 hours is optimal if the student comes ready with questions to ask me relating to their school questions and is prepared to do some work on their own.

Rates for 1-1

– $90/hr for locations in the West area (CCK + Jurong)
– $100/hr for other locations* (to cover transportation costs)

Fees will adjust downwards per pax for self-organised groups.

*We can meet near Millennia Institute or at open areas (cafes, near schools) during off-peak periods instead of travelling to your place to save costs. Contact me nonetheless and we see what we can arrange. ☺

Contact Us

Feel free reach me via the contact form below or whatsapp/sms

Mobile: 9233 7246. enquiries (no obligations) welcome

Email: thepoatutor [at] gmail.com

Or use this form – it reaches my personal email swiftly:

  • To plan traveling time for 1-1 at or near your home.

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