2017 7088 GCE N Level POA Suggested Solutions

Some misses but several hits this year, sent out 4 Oct:


Another round of predictions sent on 11th Oct- 2 topics on dot.

Anyhow, the suggested solutions for this year’s N Level POA is here. Download now:

Download Now!2017 N Level POA Solutions!

There's some typos but I'll update them after the weekend. Gotta be off to teach my Os.

Have a great weekend!



  • calebho

    Known errors (mainly typos) in suggested solution:

    – Fee income is 30245
    – Error of original entry on Q4: 13 580 vs 13 850. Profit should be $6025

    Let me know anymore mistakes you spot!

    Will update after this weekend with my O level students! – Caleb